Temples and Songkran 

The past few days have been spent still exploring Bangkok – there is so much to see here!
I’ve stayed near the “old town” area the past two nights, which is where the grand palace is. There are a lot of other gorgeous and historical buildings in the area as well.

As noted before, there are temples on what feels like every street corner. Similar in style to one another, yet each temple has features that make it unique. They are all so intricate in design. No matter how many temples you see, you never get sick of them!

A few buildings are closed that I wanted to visit as it’s a national holiday in Thailand – Songkran!

Songkran is the Thai New Year, based on the lunar calendar, and occurs every year on April 13-15th.

The Thai’s celebrate by hosting huge water fights. Kids and teenagers use water guns to soak people, some have buckets of water to splash, and you’ll often see hoses being sprayed. Most of them dress in Hawaiian shirts too! 

April is the hottest month in Thailand (yesterday the “feels like” temp was 108!!), so the water is certainly refreshing!

I love that the holiday revolves around having fun and spending time with family (hence why many buildings are closed), not the crazy New Years we’re accustomed to in the US. 

There are certain roads in Bangkok closed off just for water gun fights, but they have tamed it down this year as the country is still mourning the death of their King.

It was pretty fun to walk down these streets though! Even when the locals soak you, it’s all in good fun. I didn’t take out my camera walking down these streets, but got a few other good shots. 

Aside from the designated streets, people are walking around with water guns and kids are on street corners ready to soak you. They toss water on tuk tuk passengers and squirt you as you pass by. I’ve been walking around with my wallet and phone in a plastic bag in my purse. It’s so hot though, that even if you get soaked, you dry pretty quickly!

It’s been really fun to be here for a traditional holiday. Aside from the water fights, there are water bowls at all the temples, and the locals pour water on the Buddha and pray as good luck.

Two more days in Thailand, then off to Nepal!!


5 thoughts on “Temples and Songkran 

  1. More beautiful temples! Yes, as you say, you never get tired of seeing them. Each one is completely different. And, as I’ve said before, the attention to intricate detail is unbelievable.
    What a fun time to be in Bangkok! Looks like a lot of innocent family fun, not the drunkenness you get on our New Years.
    108 degree ‘feels like” temperature. Wow! And with the humidity there that must be really hot. Getting doused with water is probably quite refreshing.
    Glad you got to spend some time exploring Bangkok. Isn’t it an amazing city? Unlike anyplace we had ever seen before. The intensity and the energy levels are just incredible.
    Good luck on the Everest Trek. What a great way to end this amazing trip!
    Love ya!


  2. Great shots, Kimmy. Aren’t the temples just amazing to see? One is more beautiful than the next. I’m glad you got to stay in the old town and explore around there. What a great time to be there to celebrate the New Year. Water fights definitely sound like more fun than the crazy parties we have here to celebrate New Years. I’ll bet in that heat the water feels great! Hope you have a fabulous trek in Nepal!! I can’t wait to see all your pictures. Hopefully you’ll adapt just fine to the altitude. Enjoy your last days exploring Bangkok. Love you!!!


  3. Haven’t looked at your blog for a bit, but now see you’re moving on and still having great time. Glad you loved Vietnam so much. I went there in 1990 and as you know, again last year. Now looks like I’ll be going again and have bought a trip to Hanoi and Sapa. I’ve been to Hanoi last year, but didn’t get to Sapa. Besides these travels, I’m going to Russia with a friend in June. Well I hope I’m going. I’ve completed the tour company info and paid the deposit. Did this over Easter and waiting for confirmation. Generally I’ve been pretty independent in travels, but don’t mind going on a group tour with this friend and I’ve never been to Russia.

    But for you. continue to have great travels. Love reading your Blog and seeing your pix.


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