Back in Bangkok 

I’m back in Thailand, exploring Bangkok! I started my SE Asia trip here 2 months ago, but didn’t have much time to explore. There’s so much to see and do here, I wanted to make sure I allowed myself enough time.
The past few days I’ve been sightseeing in different districts, soaking in all the temples and buildings. It’s also really hot (way hotter than Ho Chi Minh!), so I pop into cafes and air conditioned buildings frequently!

I wanted to share some pictures I took – mostly of temples, but a few other sights as well. Sorry they’re not descriptive – I don’t know the names of anything!

The infrastructure is amazing here. They have a lot of these elevated walking paths. Not only do they keep you away from traffic, but in the heat they keep you sheltered and cool!

Today I’m headed to another hostel and will share a post on the gorgeous old town!


2 thoughts on “Back in Bangkok 

  1. Glad you’re getting out and exploring Bangkok. I remember how the heat and humidity could just feel overwhelming. We drank lots of Thai iced tea. Delicious! At least there are tons of coffee shops around where you can cool off a bit. Aren’t the temples just amazing? One is more ornate than the next. Your photos were beautiful. It looks like you are having nice sunny weather. Have fun. Love you!


  2. Beautiful pictures! Can you believe how many different temples there are? And each one is totally unique. No two temples are even remotely the same. And each one is beautiful. The ornate details and the attention to detail is amazing. And the amount of gold on these temples is incredible.
    Can you believe the energy in Bangkok? 24/7. It never stops. Mom and I had never seen a city quite like this!
    Yes, the infrastructure is good. The Skyway, the elevated walkways…
    Can you imagine trying to get around Bangkok on the city streets before the Skyway was put in? Craziness!
    Glad you have the time to explore and the different neighborhoods. There certainly is a lot to see!
    Love you!


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