Farewell Vietnam!

I’m off to Bangkok tomorrow, after a month in Vietnam. My visa expires tomorrow, so I’ve got to leave the country!
Originally I was planning to head to Cambodia, but I don’t have enough time now. Realistically I probably could go, but it would be very rushed and I’d definitely like to check out Bangkok. I’ll be there for a week, then off to Nepal!

Today I just took it easy and walked around (although it’s soooo hot you get exhausted!). I think I had heat overload the other day, so I didn’t end up going to the Mekong Delta. 

Wanted to share just a few more pictures with you from Ho Chi Minh before I leave – a day in the life. 🙂

Started off with breakfast with a view – rice noodles, chicken, onions, herbs and chillis!

I walked along the river, which wasn’t very clean, but still nice:

These ice creams are a whopping $.20 cents each. I had one everyday I was here (oops!).

The map I had had a coupon for a free beer sample at a local brewery. I tried a watermelon ale – very refreshing!

I checked out the walking street at night – a little more going on this time around.

And just a few more city shots!


2 thoughts on “Farewell Vietnam!

  1. More great pictures!
    That breakfast looks pretty good. A what a nice place to eat, that hostel has quite a view!
    Watermelon ale! That looks quite refreshing.
    I had to chuckle at that one picture with all the dozens of phone lines going into an obviously overloaded power pole. Classic third world !
    Starbucks is everywhere! I think they’re taking over the world!
    I can’t remember if I asked you this already but which city did you like better – Hanoi or Saigon?
    Enjoy your week in crazy Bangkok. We found the skyway was the best way to get around…..

    Love ya!


  2. Thanks for posting all your photos! Of course there would be a Starbucks; they are everywhere!! The city has some interesting architecture. There are the modern skyscrapers and then there are all the mom and pop stores. I’ll bet you had some terrific cheap meals while there. You can’t beat the ice cream price!! Enjoy Bangkok! Love you!


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