Last City in Vietnam 

I can’t believe I’m in my last city in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh/Saigon. The locals still call it Saigon throughout Vietnam.
My 30 day visa is almost up here – I fly to Bangkok on Sunday. I had no idea I’d love Vietnam so much – the food was amazing, gorgeous scenery, friendly locals and lovely culture. I certainly saw a ton of the country. From Sapa (where I did the trekking) to HCMC is about 1,200 miles!
I spent the last 2 days sightseeing and exploring. I love big cities to just wander and get lost. There are so many sights, people to watch, etc.
I took a fair amount of pictures, mostly of well known sights, and included them below. I didn’t take many street/city shots (a few below), as it’s relatively similarities to other cities. 
Traffic is bad, but not any crazier than Hanoi. I figured out that you just need to be confident when crossing the street and go. The motorbikes will go around you – they’re used to it. It’s actually worse to stop and confuse them, as they already have figured out how to get by.

It’s really hot here, especially compared to Dalat. Look at the “feels like” temperature!

There are a ton of parks in the city, which is nice. Not only is it great to have green space, but they also provide shade from the heat! Lots of families and friends out and about.

The hostel I’m at has a great rooftop, which provided perfect views of the city and skyline!

Below are some sights —

City Hall:

Notre Dame Cathedral:

Reunification Palace:

Old post office that’s famous for its architecture:

Opera House:

Again, there’s a lot of French influence here, with one particular neighborhood that’s gorgeous! Wide, tree lined streets, beautiful gates and huge buildings.

There’s a massive pedestrian walkway that’s closed to cars, which leads from city hall to the river. Supposedly on the weekends there are people dancing, music playing and more!

 And this skyscraper looks a little out of place!

I’m off to the Mekong Delta tomorrow for a day trip, and will share a post after!


2 thoughts on “Last City in Vietnam 

  1. Thanks for posting all the photos. It looks like a beautiful city. Some of the buildings are just gorgeous. And all the parks must be nice. Traffic looks crazy, but I suppose you get used to it in big cities. Nice view from the hostel roof deck. All the colored buildings remind me of Mexico. Sounds like Vietnam was a great country to visit. It’s hard to believe you’ve been there so long.


  2. Wow! 1200 miles down the entire length of Vietnam. That’s quite a journey. Looks like a beautiful country with good people and an interesting culture. Mom and I will have to make it over there one day.
    Did you like Saigon or Hanoi better?
    They both look nice. The pictures of City Hall, the old Post Office and the Opera House are magnificent. Such interesting architecture and, yes, the French influence is very much present.
    What a view front your hostel! Hard to believe you’ve almost been there 30 days already.
    I love the pedestrian walkway. I wish more cities in the U.S. had them.
    Enjoy the MeKong Delta.
    Love ya!


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