Exploring Dalat

I’ve spent the last few days in Dalat and have loved it! It’s nice to get away from the heat, humidity and crazy traffic! It’s still a nice temperature here, about 75, which has been refreshing.
I wanted to go trekking, but you need at least 4 people for a group and I couldn’t find enough people. Still nice to just be here and explore the area!

I actually thought Dalat was going to be much smaller. I’m not sure the population, but much bigger than I excepted with a ton of little neighborhoods to explore. 

Dalat is often referred to as the “land of flowers.” The city is beautifully manicured, they have a huge flower garden and greenhouses everywhere as you get more into the country.

Right downtown there’s a huge lake – you can rent little paddle boats and locals are fishing everywhere. It’s actually a pretty dirty lake (trash is a problem in Vietnam), but looks pretty from a distance. 🙂

The architecture is really interesting here. There’s a big French influence, so lots of European buildings, especially hotels. But then you can still see how the locals live down little alleys, with much more poverty.

Since the town is up in the hills, you can get some neat panoramic views. The houses are really colorful here.

Like every Asian city, they have two daily markets – the morning/day one with more fruits & veggies and then a separate night market. And of course a big Buddha!

I’m leaving in the morning for the town of Mui Ne, but it was so nice to spend a few days here!


3 thoughts on “Exploring Dalat

  1. So glad you got to explore Dalat. Interesting juxtaposition of the nicer buildings next to where the locals live. The flowers are beautiful! And, of course, every town must have at least one giant Buddah. I’ll bet the markets have been interesting to check out. Have you tried any new fruits in Vietnam? Have fun on your next explorations! Love you!


  2. Yes, it does look like the land of flowers. And you really can see the French architecture. Looks like a cool town offering a little respite from the heat.
    Reminds me of Mexico a little bit with all the brightly painted buildings.
    That is a giant Buddha!
    Safe travels to Mui Ne.
    Love you!


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