Motorcycles and Waterfalls

After a day in the beach town of Nha Trang, I headed up into the mountains to Dalat.
Dalat is considered to be part of the central highlands region and is at an elevation of 4,900 feet. It’s much cooler here (plus no humidity- yay!) and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous! It feels so good to be in the mountains again! 

From what I’ve seen, the town has a lot of French influence. I’m planning to walk around and explore one day, so I’ll definitely do a post.

I’m staying at a great homestay/hostel just outside of town – the host (the dad) picked me up from the bus station on his motorcycle. I just strapped my big backpack to the back and off we went!

The people staying at the hostel are all really nice and some of us decided to explore via motorcycle today and search for some waterfalls. They had bought bikes up in Hanoi and were driving down the coast.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, as it’s a little tricky while riding, but got a few shots!

It was only my second motorcycle ride (last night being the first), but it was so much fun and such a good way to see the countryside. You can only see so much traveling town to town via bus.

We first went to some falls that were recommended, but were a little disappointed. They weren’t too impressive and you couldn’t swim there.

We decided to drive about 30km further to other falls that were supposed to be cleaner and a bit nicer. Thankfully we did – these were much prettier and exactly what we were looking for!

You aren’t supposed to swim at these falls either, but we walked a little bit downstream and found a great little swimming hole. We were the only ones there and it was so refreshing! Since we had come down in elevation from Dalat, it was pretty warm – although still no humidity!

Can you spot me below?

To get back, we decided to take a different route, which took us through forests of pine trees. Certainly not what I expected in Vietnam! The whole drive was gorgeous though and being on a motorcycle was so fun!

I’m off to do some trekking tomorrow and see more of the countryside!


2 thoughts on “Motorcycles and Waterfalls

  1. What an adventure – exploring on the back of a motorcycle!! That’s great that you found some like-minded adventurers at your hostel. I’ll bet you meet some pretty amazing people. So glad you got to check out the second falls. They look gorgeous. And it looks like you found a great swimming hole. I’ll bet that was quite refreshing. Have fun doing more exploring! Love you.


  2. Looks like fun but please be careful on those motorcycles, they can be very dangerous!
    That countryside looks pretty. 4900′ in elevation is getting up there!
    Nice swimming hole. Yes, I can see you in the picture! Looks refreshing.
    Enjoy your stay there.
    Love ya!


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