Biking through the Countryside 

When I first arrived in Hoi An, I wasn’t sure what I thought of the place. The Ancient Town was gorgeous and quaint, but way too touristy for my liking. I heard amazing things about Hoi An though, so I decided to explore a bit more and thought the best way was via bike.
I was going to do an organized bike tour, but just decided to rent one and ride by myself. This way I could stop for photos and go wherever I wanted.

I fell in love with this little town after seeing more! I enjoyed the bike so much, I went out again the next day as well.

As you head out of town, you start to see field and fields of rice paddies, although it’s just grass now as it’s not the season.

You can go off the main road, into a labyrinth of trails – through more rice fields, little villages and past guest houses.

It was so fun to just ride around and explore – no destination, but just to soak in the beauty!

I definitely got a feel for the Vietnamese life this way. You see laundry hung up outside, people working in the fields, kids playing and people building houses.

So pretty and I’m so happy I did this! Makes me want to rent a bike every town I go to now!


4 thoughts on “Biking through the Countryside 

  1. How pretty! What a great way to get out and explore. You can certainly see how the locals live. I love all the beautiful bougainvillea. Those roads are so narrow; are cars expected to drive on them? I suppose that is why everyone uses motorbikes. We love reading your blogs, by the way. They are all so interesting and your photos are just amazing. Keep up the great work. Love you!


  2. What a cute town. Yes, even the most touristy places have a lot to offer when you get away from the popular tourist areas. Imagine all the people who come to SF and just go to Pier 39 and all the tourist areas down by the marina! Smart to get out and see the rest of the area. That is what Mom and I always try to do. You can really get a sense of what everyday life is like.
    Hoi An looks like it would be a nice town to live in. Vietnam really looks like a beautiful country. Mom and I will definitely have to make it over there one day.


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