Hoi An’s “Ancient Town”

Hoi An is one of the most well known Vietnamese cities, so I’m excited to be here for a few days to explore!
When most people think of Hoi An (or see pictures), it’s usually always of the “Ancient Town,” which is actually considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Some people love it, and some hate it. The Ancient Town is extremely touristy, with expensive restaurants and shops. A local Vietnamese person wouldn’t spend their day there, unless they’re working. Regardless, I definitely wanted to check it out.

I went to explore twice – once during the day and once at night. You get a different experience as one of the main attractions to the area are the paper lanterns, which light up at night.

During the full moon of each month they have an entire paper lantern festival. I’m not sure what it entails, but I’m sure it’s gorgeous!

The buildings were gorgeous and you can definitely see some French influence. Most are hues of yellow/golden and there are flowers everywhere. 

The streets are narrow, with lots of alleyways to explore. 

There’s also a nightly market (in addition to a day market), filled with food vendors and people selling souvenirs.

The Ancient Town prides itself on being walking/cycling friendly and for two blocks during the day (I think 8am-11am and then 3pm – 6pm), the area is closed to motorbikes. Don’t be fooled though – there are enough pedestrians to keep things busy!

There is a river running between the Ancient Town and two “islands”, which are connected by a short bridge.

Within the Ancient Town there are also several temples to check out – all with intricate designs and architecture.

It was a great first day of seeing Hoi An!


4 thoughts on “Hoi An’s “Ancient Town”

  1. What a pretty town! I love all the paper lanterns. You were smart to check it out both in the daylight and at night. You look great in all your photos. What fun to be able to get a “Kimmy, the tailor” photo. The temples look gorgeous; so different. I’m sure the river running through town adds a nice touch. Thanks for such an interesting blog and beautiful pictures.


  2. I have got to tell you, these blogs that you post are so professional. The photographs are are just amazing. The quality of the photos from that iPhone are incredible. And your commentary is just as excellent. Makes the reader feel like they are there. What an excellent way to both document your trip and share your experience. Imagine how cool it will be to look at all these posts 20 years from now!
    Hoi An certainly looks like an interesting town. I can see why it’s so popular for visitors.
    Those paper lanterns must be popular throughout SE Asia. Mom and I went to an absolutely amazing
    lantern festival outside of Chang Mai. They look really cool at night.
    Always a good idea to ban motor vehicles of any type. Must be nice not to have to keep an eye out for the omnipresent motor scooters.
    Glad you got a chance to see this adorable place, home of Kimmy, the custom tailor!
    Love you.


  3. Be rest assured your posts are far from boring! I have loved reading every single one as I’m sure everyone else feels the same! You’ve done an amazing job and the pictures are magnificent! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Vietnam! Luv and hugs!


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