Halong Bay 

Aside from Sapa, the other “must see” reccomendation from travelers has been to visit Halong Bay. 
Halong Bay is about 175km NE of Hanoi, and is considered a UNESCO heritage site for its natural beauty. There are 1,969 islands/limestone rock formations in Halong Bay, so it’s pretty big! They are all different sizes, some with caves and places you can get off and walk.

Most people go and spend a night or two on a boat that cruises around the different islands. It’s been raining here, so I didn’t think it was worth it to do the overnight if you’re not really swimming or in the water.

I opted for a day trip which was still nice. It was a little rushed but we got to see a fair amount. It didn’t rain on the tour which was lucky – it was a little windy and cold, but no rain!

The drive took about 3 hours to the harbor, and then we had lunch on the boat. 

We first stopped at a fishing village, that is literally comprised of small boats forming a “village”. They used to all be fishermen, but you can’t fish in Halong Bay now that it’s a world heritage site.

Here we were able kayak to a few different caves, which was awesome! The caves look really small, but they are just an opening to a huge open crater. Once you’re through the cave, you’re surrounded by huge limestone walls, lined with plants and various flowers.

Two people from the Sapa trip I went on were on this tour as well – considering Hanoi is such a big city, it feels relatively small. 

We then got back on the boat and went to see a massive grotto that was formed millions of years ago.

After spending a bit of time there, we cruised around on the boat through the islands, then headed back to Hanoi.

I’m glad I just ended up doing the day trip. In warmer weather the overnight would be fun, but a few hours was the perfect amount of time.


2 thoughts on “Halong Bay 

  1. Sounds like a fun way to spend the day. The rock formations in the water reminded me of southern Thailand down around Phuket. The kayaking looked like fun, it must have been cool to go into the caves. Nice that two people from the Sapa trip went on this trip as well.
    Loved the pictures and love you!


  2. What a neat trip to go on. I went on a similar trip when we were in Thailand. The limestone formations are so amazing and when you can kayak into a hidden grotto that’s pretty special. I’m glad the rain held off for you. And what a small world that two people who went to Sapa were on the same boat. I’m glad you decided to experience another beautiful UNESCO site. Your pictures are great. Love you!


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