Kuang Si Waterfalls

It’s really hot here in Laos, so yesterday we went to check out some waterfalls that flow into swimming holes. The falls are about 25 kilometers from Luang Prabang and a really popular day trip.

We booked a minivan through our hostel with some other people, but you can also rent a tuk tuk and take that.

The waterfalls were a lot bigger than I expected and absolutely gorgeous!

When we first arrived, everyone started walking up a hill, so we followed. After a short but very steep little hike, we arrived at the top of the waterfalls. There was a little swimming area, but we realized we were supposed to walk down from the falls – not up! 

We headed back down and finally found all the swimming holes. There are 3 that all flow into each other, and each has its own little waterfalls.

Jumping in!

The water was pretty cold but felt so refreshing!

Below are the girls I’ve been hanging out with – we’re all traveling solo so it’s nice to do things together!

It was a really fun day and nice to be in nature!


3 thoughts on “Kuang Si Waterfalls

  1. Great picture of you jumping in!
    Those waterfalls look very cool the way they stair step down. I’ll bet that was a very refreshing way to spend the day.
    Glad you found some girls to travel with for awhile. Where are the two girls in the picture from?


  2. How beautiful!! I’ll bet the water felt good in the heat. How nice to hook up with some fellow travelers.
    After traveling solo, it must be nice to have some companionship. Enjoy your travels in Vietnam. Love you!


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