Thai Cooking Class 

Today I took a full day Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai. I’ve heard it’s something you must do here, and this specific company was recommended by a friend.
I got picked up from my hotel (I love that all the companies pick you up!) and we went to a local market to pick out some ingredients. Our host showed us the main ingredients we’d be cooking with (basil, onion, garlic, ginger, etc.) and then we were on our way.

The class was held at someone’s house about 10 minutes outside town. They have a great setup with a few huge tables and cooking stations. 

I decided to do the full day option, which included 6 courses! For each course there were 3 or 4 options we could choose, so each person in our group could cook something different! I decided on the following menu:

1. Soup — Chicken Coconut Soup 

2. Noodles — Fried Big Noodles (pad si yu)

3. Appetizer — Spring roll

4. Entree — Stir fried chicken with cashews

5. Green curry

6. Thai dessert– sticky rice with mango

At our table, we each had our own little cutting board and cleaver. Depending on what we were making, our host gave us the ingredients on a plate. Some of the things were already prepped (onions were peeled, etc.), but then we chopped up everything else.

There was then another cooking station, where we each had our own pan or wok, depending on what we were making. We would bring all our ingredients to the cooking station and she would tell us what to add, etc. 

I loved that it was so hands-on and we literally each cooked our own portion.

Surprisingly, everything was relatively simple! I think at home the hardest part will be finding the right ingredients.

Some of the finished dishes!

For our curry, we made the paste with a mortar, which was pretty neat – but hard!

We could add chili’s to any dish we wanted, depending on how spicy we wanted the food to be.

All the food was absolutely delicious! We were all stuffed at the end, but well worth it.

Once it was over, we actually got a completion certificate and a recipe book. I’m definitely going to attempt some recipes at home!


6 thoughts on “Thai Cooking Class 

  1. What fun! I love that you got to go to the market and actually pick out the ingredients. What great hands on experience. The dishes looked amazing and I’m sure they were all delicious. I can’t wait for you to try some of these recipes at home. I’m so glad you’re taking advantage of the local opportunities. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Chang Mai!!!


  2. I will gladly be a guinea pig and volunteer to sample all the dishes!
    They all look so good…yum…can’t wait to try them. They all look so healthy too.
    Good idea signing up for the cooking class. Mom and I wanted to do that but just didn’t make the time.
    Glad you’re enjoying all that Chang Mai has to offer. What a great place!


  3. All those ingredients at the local market look beautiful as well as the delicious looking dishes you prepared! How nice you were able to take the class at a local resident’s house! Enjoy your adventures in Thailand! Luv you! 😍


  4. Hi Kimmy,

    It’s been awhile since I last checked in on your adventures. The Thai cooking looks great and from the photos, I can almost smell/taste it all.
    As you know and have seen from my Facebook, I’ve been on a road trip down in the South Island and it was great. Hadn’t been down there in years. Haven’t done so yet, but want to look back at your earlier blogs to check up on where you went. We had a good time with Desiree in Wanaka and some good hikes. I couldn’t manage Roy’s Peak though. Bit much for my knees. Had some great weather, but a day of rain over on the West Coast. Still have to post West Coast pix. Desiree and an American friend will be staying with me this coming Tuesday. They’re both heading to Auckland, then Desiree on to France and Amy somewhere.
    Have fun and enjoy SEA.


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