Exploring Cape Town

Yesterday we walked around Cape Town a bit, and I wanted to share a few photos!
We visited the neighborhood of Bo Kaap, which is filled with all the colorful houses. They’re usually included when you see an ad for Cape Town – they’re pretty picturesque!

We did a free walking tour and our guide said there is no real reasoning behind the different colors and no one really knows why it started.

We also went down to the waterfront, which is gorgeous. It’s extremely touristy, filled with a ton of restaurants and shops. The buildings were really pretty though and you can see incredible views of Table Mountain.

Pretty far way from home!

For the most part, I’ve felt safe here. There are a lot of beggars for money and food and they will often follow you for a long time, but don’t think they’re dangerous. Certainly feels very different being in a massive city after camping for so long!


2 thoughts on “Exploring Cape Town

  1. Looks like you’re having great weather. The building in that first picture is gorgeous. Love all those brightly colored houses.
    Yes, I’ll bet it’s a big change being in a major city after the trip you’ve had.
    16,690 km. from SF. That’s a little over 10,000 miles! I think that’s about as far from SF as you can get on planet earth!


  2. All those colorful houses are certainly pretty. I’m glad you had another day of nice weather to explore. Free walking tours are always so informative. I can’t believe you hiked to the top of Table Mountain! From below it looks so far up there. The waterfront area looks very picturesque. I’m sure it seemed quite touristy after being in the wilds for so long. Safe travels to Bangkok. Love you!


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