Bike tour on the sand dunes!

We’re currently in Swakopmund, Namibia, which sits right on the Atlantic Ocean. The last ocean we saw was the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania, so that means we’ve literally driven across the whole continent (east to west) of Africa!
We’re here for a few days as the town is next to the Namib desert and a ton of sand dunes. There were numerous activities we could do, and myself and Lucy (a great girl from Scotland), decided to go on a “fat tire” bike tour.
Fat tire bikes are used a lot for mountain biking, and the wide tires are great for tough conditions – especially sand.

The tour we chose was the Desert Tour, so we rode over to the dunes and the explored all around them.

Biking in the sand was definitely tricky, but the big tires really helped! We just went into the smallest gear, and the tires never slipped.

At the top of the dunes, we got a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and the town of Swakopmund.

The way the wind forms the dunes, one side is more gradual, while the back side is a 34 degree angle. We went down the back side, which was a little scary! At least if you fell (neither of us did), you would land on the sand.

It was only a 2 hour tour, but great workout and such a cool way to see the dunes! 

We’re headed south tomorrow to see some more dunes. Hopefully internet will be better and I’ll be able to post more!


2 thoughts on “Bike tour on the sand dunes!

  1. Looks like fun! Thank heavens for the fat tires. I would think it would be tricky riding through the sand, but it sounds like you and Lucy did just fine. That back side looks really steep. Glad you conquered it okay. Like you said, if you fell you would land on sand, so it wouldn’t really hurt. Enjoy your next adventures!! Love you.


  2. I can’t believe you rode across the entire African continent from east to west! Not too many people have done that in their lives. That’s pretty amazing!
    Those fat tire bikes look like a blast to ride. I’ll bet that was a lot of fun. Mom and I would love to be out on our bikes but it has been raining non stop for the last month or so. I was just reading that it has rained 32 of the first 40 days of 2017! We have to keep reminding ourselves that we really need the rain.
    I really like that first picture of you with the town in the background.
    Looks like you’re finally getting plenty of sunshine. You’ve had your fair share of rain.
    Can’t believe you’ll soon be in South Africa!
    Lots of love!


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