One of my favorite days so far was spent at an area called Spitzkoppe. It’s a small cluster of giant rock formations, laying on the outskirts of the Namib desert. We’ve started to move south through Namibia, not too far from the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the tallest peaks (below) is Namibia’s most challenging peak to rock climb and attracts a ton of people trying to summit it.

We only had about 14 hours here, arriving at 5pm and leaving early the next morning, but we took full advantage of the time we had.

We went up a few different rocks – even with the pictures you don’t get a sense of how high we were. Pretty adventurous group!

The rocks were pretty steep at times and definitely had to get creative with maneuvering some of them, but thankfully we all have pretty good hiking boots. 

We climbed to the top of the below rock to watch the sunset. 

It was absolutely gorgeous and no one else was up there with us! It’s been perfect weather the past few days and the sunset was incredible.

The campsite had no electricity, so the stars were incredible as there were no lights to block them out. There were 6 of us who decided to sleep outside, just on our mats with no tent. 

It surprisingly stayed pretty warm at night and it was awesome to sleep under the stars!
Spitzkoppe was definitely a major highlight of the trip and one of my favorite days. So nice to get outside for a bit!


2 thoughts on “Spitzkoppe 

  1. Another amazing adventure for you!! How nice you were able to get out and climb some of those rocks. I’ll bet it was tricky at times to maintain your footing. You took some wonderful photos. The sunset looks incredible. And how brave you were to sleep outside with no tent. I’d be afraid little (or large) critters would be out and about. I’m sure you saw more stars than you ever had before. The weather looked great, too. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Love you!!


  2. Looks like some great rock climbing. I’d love to be out there with you, climbing around. You guys did some tough climbing, you must have really been scrambling out there. What fun. Kinda reminded me of Joshua Tree in Southern Cali.
    Beautiful sunset. I’ll bet the stars at night were amazing.
    Fabulous picture of you in your sleepin bag.
    Looks like everyone is having a great time!
    Love ya!


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