Etosha National Park

I’ve been in the country of Namibia for the past week, but we’ve been in some pretty rural places with no internet.
So far, this is my favorite country. We’ve been able to experience and see so much more than other countries – in total, we’re in Namibia for 2 weeks.
We just visited Etosha National Park, which is in northern Namibia and is absolutely massive – 1.5 times the size of the Serengeti and covers more than 20,000 sq kilometers. We’re traveling during rainy season, so it’s not the best time to be visiting national parks as animals prefer the dry heat and typically gravitate towards man made waterholes, which allows for better viewing for us. As there’s plenty of rain water around, the animals don’t need to seek out the watering holes.

Regardless, we still had two great game drives, which was my last in Africa! No matter how many times I see zebras, giraffes, etc., I’ll never get sick of them! 
We did the game drives in our yellow truck, which was pretty neat. It was nice to be up so much higher than the animals and you can see so much further.

We saw a ton of animals and was a great last drive.




Giraffes and more:

We also saw a lot of jackal, impala, kudu, springbok and gemsbok.
It rained the first day but cleared up and was gorgeous the second day.

The Etosha plain is massive and seems like it goes on forever! Within Etosha, there is a desert called the “Etosha pan”, which is a completely flat saline desert. We had fun taking photos there and got a great group shot, plus a picture of me with our tour guide – Joe.

The pan is surrounded by bush and grasslands, which provide habit for most of the animals.
While we didn’t see any elephants, it was still amazing to see all the other animals so close!
At one camp site, there was an old lookout tower we walked up to see both the sunset and sunrise, and also brought some binoculars to animal spot! In the below pic, there’s someone from Australia, the Netherlands, US, New Zealand and UK – pretty neat!


3 thoughts on “Etosha National Park

  1. Your blog and gorgeous pictures are truly amazing! I just love reading about all of your adventures! Enjoy your 2 weeks in Namibia and have fun!! Love you!


  2. What an adventure you are having! How neat to be able to see the animals so up close and personal. It must be an amazing sight just seeing them walking around in their native habitat. I’m glad you had nice weather on the last game drive you’ll have. You look like you are having a good time in your photos. I like the one of you with all the international men. Have a great rest of your stay in Namibia. Love you!!


  3. Must be nice to get some sunny weather. You pictures are amazing. I can’t imagine how cool it must be to see lions, zebras and giraffes in their natural habitat and not in a zoo. What a great experience.
    Looks like everyone is having fun. I love that picture of you with the four guys. And that lookout tower looks pretty neat. So glad your having a good time. What priceless memories you are creating!


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