Victoria Falls

Yesterday I visited Victoria Falls, which has been a bucket list item for awhile!
 It’s impossible to describe the falls – they are absolutely magical! The size and strength behind them, and pure beauty, is just stunning.

The falls are considered one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, and for good reason! Niagra Falls, Iguazu Falls (which I’ve been to in Argentina) and Victoria Falls are the top 3 largest waterfalls in the world, when looking at height, width and size.

You pay to get into the National Park and then there’s a rainforest walk that takes you to different view points. There are 16 stops along the way, all offering different angles of the falls.

The first 6 or 7 stops along the trail you stay pretty dry, with just light mist from the falls.

After that you get absolutely soaking wet as you get closer to the falls – it feels like it’s just pouring rain outside. I brought my poncho but decided to just wrap up my backpack instead and took in the full experience of getting soaked!

At some points I didn’t even take pictures because there was so much water and thought my phone might break!

The strength of the falls is just incredible! Since it’s rainy season here it’s becoming high season for the falls, so they’re starting to get pretty full!

Below you can see the mist coming into the photo.

Pictures still don’t do justice but you can only imagine how incredible it is in person! 

Last night we went out to eat where I tried zebra, wildebeest and crocodile! All pretty good! 


5 thoughts on “Victoria Falls

  1. Wow!!! Those falls look absolutely amazing. I can only imagine how incredible it must be to actually be there and see all that water flowing over the edge, hear the roar of the water, and then get wet from the spray. It must be a perfect time of year to be there because of all the rain. I’m glad you had good weather so you could really take in all the sights. What else will you be doing at Victoria Falls? Are there more walks by the falls? And what an adventuresome eater!!! I don’t know if I would have tried all those meats, but good for you. Who knows if you’ll ever get an opportunity like that again.
    Have fun exploring! Love you.


  2. Your photos are fantastic but, as you say, they really don’t do the falls justice. You really have to be there in person to truly feel the beauty and power of these magnificent falls. The roar they must give off from the velocity of all that water must be heard for miles. I was reading somewhere that the natives were terrified of the falls and never went near them.
    Wasn’t Dr. Livingston, the British explorer, the first white person to set eyes on the falls? How fortunate you are to witness such a spectacular site in person.
    You must get your taste buds from your Mother because I could never, ever eat zebra or wildebeest or crocodile! Cheers to you for sampling the local fare! I’ll bet it tasted like chicken!
    We love all your pictures and look forward to all your blog posts.
    Love ya!


  3. Your pictures of the falls are really breathtaking! I didn’t know they were one of the 7 Wonders of The World! Kudos to you for trying all the different meats! They were probably easier to eat imagining they were chicken! Have fun and can’t wait to hear about your next stop! Luv and miss you!


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