Welcome to Malawi!

After two very long days of driving, we’ve crossed the border from Tanzania to Malawi.

On Saturday we left camp at 5am, keeping in mind we need to break down our tents, pack up the truck, etc. We were leaving from Dar Es Salaam and drove south through most of Tanzania, arriving at our campsite around 8:45pm! We drove over 570km and the roads aren’t in the best conditions.
We pitched our tents in the dark, grabbed some dinner and were off to bed. The next morning was another 5am start as we had a border crossing and you never know how long it will take to get visas, etc.
The drive was gorgeous and extremely scenic. We drove through the Tanzanian “highlands” – lush, green hills, filled with crops, agriculture and banana trees!

We stopped for some fruit on the side of the road, where locals swarmed the truck.

We finally arrived in Malawi at 7pm, but keep in mind we set the clocks back an hour when we crossed the border. It was pouring rain and lightning, so we upgraded from camping to a dorm room. It was only $9 for a bed – definitely worth it for a bed and to stay dry! When we arrived we still had dinner to prepare, so it was a late night.
Malawi, which is slightly smaller than the state of Pennsylvania, is one of the world’s least developed countries. The drive was gorgeous though- again filled with agriculture and crops. We passed a lot of little villages and you can see how poor they are – definitely puts things into perspective as you’re driving through their neighborhoods in a huge tourism vehicle. 
Everything is extremely lush and green, which I didn’t expect at all! 

As we got further into the country, the soil turned to red clay. The contrast of the clay, grass and blue sky was beautiful! It’s rainy season  (did not know this!) in Central/Southern Africa, so vegetation is certainly thriving.

Kids were everywhere and so excited to see us – running after the truck waving and screaming. Despite not having much, they are genuinely so happy and friendly.
Malawi is most well known for Lake Malawi, Africa’s 3rd largest lake. The lake is 365 miles north to south and 52 miles across – absolutely huge! Our guide told us the lake is about the size of the Netherlands. 

We’ll be spending the next few days here, camping near the lake and enjoying water sports and also local interaction! There’s a village walk I’d like to do and markets to visit. 
Stay tuned for more on the lives of those in Malawi!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Malawi!

  1. Those are 2 long days of driving! 570 km. is a long way to go in one day, especially over those roads!
    Sounds like Malawi is a beautiful country, although very poor like most of the interior countries in Africa.
    I knew Lake Malawi was big but I had no idea it was that big! 365 miles long, that’s a lake that would extend almost all the water from SF to LA! And 52 miles across, it must be spectacular.
    Glad things are going well, can’t wait to see some more pictures.
    Love you!


  2. What an adventure!! Glad you got to Lake Malawi without any problems. And how fortunate you were able to upgrade to a dorm bed. I’ll bet all the greenery is gorgeous. I had no idea the lake was that huge either. It will be fun exploring the area. Can’t wait to hear more. Love you!


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