Island life – Zanzibar 

We’ve spent the past few nights in Kendwa, a beach town in Zanzibar.
The beach was absolutely gorgeous and exactly what you picture when you imagine island life! I had no idea what to expect and it’s just beautiful- crystal clear turquoise water (my first time in the Indian Ocean!) and white sand.

The resort we’re at is really nice – we were all very surprised! Right on the beach with its own restaurant and bar, a volleyball net, plus lounge chairs.

I’ve had great seafood and have enjoyed some cocktails on the beach!

Today we went snorkeling, which was amazing. We took a 2 hour boat ride to a small island, surrounded by a coral reef. We saw a ton of fish, eels, starfish and more. Since the water is so clear the visibility is perfect.

They made us lunch on the boat, where they cooked fresh tuna for us. A little scary to have a fire BBQ on a wooden boat, but they know what they’re doing! 

Thankfully the boat had a bit of shade as the sun is extremely hot. On the way back we were wrapped in towels just so the sun wouldn’t directly hit our skin!

We’re having an all you can eat seafood BBQ on the beach tonight, then heading back to Dar Es Salaam in the morning, before we move onto our next country – Malawi!


4 thoughts on “Island life – Zanzibar 

  1. What a beautiful spot!!! The water looks so clear; a great place to go snorkeling. I love the photo of you underwater. Sounds like you stayed at a very nice place. I’m sure it was a nice break from camping. And all the seafood you ate; yumm. It doesn’t get any fresher than what you had. Can’t wait to hear all about Malawi. Love you!!


  2. I’ve never known anyone who has swam in the Indian Ocean! That may be the most beautiful, torqouise water color I’ve ever seen.
    What a great place to go snorkeling. It’s amazing to realize there is a whole other world that exists right under the surface of the ocean.
    I love that picture of you on the swing!
    Sounds like you’ve had a great stay there. Enjoy the barbecue on the beach and we’ll look forward to your pictures from Malawi.
    Love you!


  3. Your pictures are amazing and just love reading about all your adventures to such interesting and gorgeous places! Looks like such a fun group too! Can’t wait to read about your next stop! Love and hugs!


  4. Looks absolutely magical and the colour of the sea is amazing. You’re so fortunate and having such wonderful experiences. I’m envious. My upcoming travel is rather modest. Driving down to the South Island and West Coast and Wanaka region. Have checked your Blogg and places to see. Continue to have fun.


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