Zanzibar Island – Stone Town

We arrived on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, yesterday afternoon for 4 nights/5 days.
Getting here was quite an experience, but awesome to be able to interact with the locals and their way of life. We took tuk tuks from our campsite to a small ferry – at this point there were about 60 of us between 2 groups. The small ferry (loaded with cars and local Tanzanians) took us to the city of Dar Es Salaam. From there we got on a local bus which took us to the main ferry. That ferry then took about 1.5 hours to Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is relatively big for and island – 60 miles tall and 20 miles wide. 

We spent last night in Stone Town, which is where the ferry drops you off. The population on Zanzibar is 95% Muslim, so we had to have our knees/legs and shoulders covered while in Stone Town. It’s really hot here as well, but I wore a long dress and scarf.

For lunch we went to a locals house and they prepared food for 60 of us! We had a typical Tanzanian meal of rice, meat, chipati (similar to pita bread), potatoes, salad and bananas. We sat on the floor and shared all the food!

From there we did a spice tour which was really neat! The community garden employs those who don’t have jobs. We learned all about various fruits and spices (pepper, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, etc.) and what parts of the tree, roots and leaves they use. It was actually super interesting!
They made us necklaces and hats out of palm tree fawns and we had fresh coconut to drink and eat, thanks to this crazy guy who climbed up the tree!

This morning there were a few activities to do, but I just walked around Stone Town with a few other girls. It’s a gorgeous town – very old, small streets that wind all around. There are little shops lining the streets, filled with paintings, clothes, etc.

This afternoon we’re headed up the west coast to the beach town of Kendowa for 3 nights. It will definitely be filled with snorkeling, relaxing, reading and enjoying the beach! Will post soon.


3 thoughts on “Zanzibar Island – Stone Town

  1. What an adventure!! I loved how you all shared a meal while sitting on the floor. Do as the locals do. The town looks very quaint; lots of exploring. Enjoy your snorkeling trip. Love you!!


  2. Looks like a cool town. Nice that you’ve been able to interact with the locals.
    Great to skype with you last night. Glad everything is going well on the trip.
    Snorkeling should be great, I love the color of the ocean. Water looks beautiful.
    Enjoy your stay and looking forward to your next post. Love ya!


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