Off to Africa!

Well, my time in NZ has unfortunately come to an end. It is the most beautiful country and definetly exceeded my expectations! Each town and place were different and I saw it all – glaciers, rainforests, the southern alps, lakes, sheep, etc. It really is a hiker’s paradise.
I will definetly be back with a car as there’s still a lot I want to see!
For those that don’t know, I’m heading to Africa in the morning. I’m arrive in Nairobi, Kenya, by way of Sydney and Dubai.
In Africa I’m doing a 52 day organized tour and then am spending a few extra days in Cape Town, where the tour ends. We got through 8 countries including: Kenya, Tanzania (with a 4 day trip to Zanzibar), Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa. Itinerary below!

We primarily camp the whole way and help cook group meals and clean, to (attempt!) at keeping costs down.
I literally have no idea what to expect but I’m so excited! After planning out the past 2.5 months, it will be nice to be on a tour. I’m not sure the number of passengers or age ranges but will be fun!
I can’t guarantee Internet will be so great, so I don’t know how often I will post and if I’ll be able to upload pictures. Will definitely try my best at keeping everyone updated!


4 thoughts on “Off to Africa!

  1. You certainly saw a lot of the beautiful countryside of New Zealand. Your photos have been spectacular. It looks like it is a hiker’s paradise. So glad you enjoyed your explorations. We can’t wait to hear all about Africa. What an experience that will be!! Enjoy yourself. Love you!


  2. So glad you’ve enjoyed your time in NZ. You’ll have to keep in touch and come back and visit here in Taupo.
    Best wishes for adventures in Africa.


  3. Kimmy- one of Dennis’ very good friends is from Zambia and still has a lot of family there- so if you need anything while you are there just contact me! Have a safe trip- love Jayne


  4. Wow, now there are adventures and then there are more adventures. But this is a world class adventure! 8 countries in AFRICA in 52 days!
    I wish we could get daily posts on your blog but I know that won’t be possible since good internet connections will be few and far between.
    It will be nice to travel with a group after your solo expedition to New Zealand.
    So take lots and lots of pictures. Stay healthy. And have a fabulous time!
    Can’t wait to hear how everything is going. Will always be thinking about you. Lots and lots of love!


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