Last Days in NZ!

Tomorrow is Christmas and my last day in NZ! I fly out Monday morning to Africa (well, a loooong day of flights via Sydney and Dubai). I wanted to get one last hike in before I leave and one has constantly been recommended in Queenstown – the Ben Lomond trail.
It’s estimated to take 6-8 hours, so definitely a full day. Seeing as how I probably won’t do much hiking in Africa, I decided to challenge myself to the hike.

Ben Lomond is the name of a peak located opposite the lake from the Remarkables and beside the gondola.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a very hard hike. It took a little over 6 hours, including a 45 minute lunch break at the top. The last hour up to the summit is definitely the hardest part as it gets pretty steep, but the rest of the trail was just gradual climbing!

You start like you’re going up to the gondola, but then the trail completely opens up and you’re pretty exposed the whole time. It was about 70 degrees but I can’t imagine doing this on a hot summer day!

The views at the top were incredible. You got 360 views of the lake and all the surrounding mountains. I’m not sure if these mountains are the backside of Mt. Cook, or what mountain range it is, but the snow covered peaks were beautiful!

Can you spot me below? 

At the top we took a break and met a couple from Denver, someone from Kansas, someone from Montana and someone from Tennessee! Quite the Anerican party.
Overall it was a fabulous hike and a great way to spend one of my last days here!
If the weather is warm tomorrow, everyone supposedly goes to the lake and BBQ’s!
I’ll post on Monday with more on my Africa trip!


3 thoughts on “Last Days in NZ!

  1. What an amazing hike! The views from the top are absolutely gorgeous. You have seen such incredible sights during your stay in New Zealand. I can’t wait to hear all about Africa. What an adventure! Merry Christmas!!! Love you, Mom


  2. Another great hike. I really like that last picture of you. Great shot!
    You’ve seen some of the most gorgeous country on planet Earth. The mountains on the South Island are just spectacular. It’s hard to believe you’ve been in New Zealand for 2 months already.
    So glad you had a safe, adventurous time in New Zealand. Glad you got to spend some time with Vivienne.
    Now the real adventure begins. Have a great time in Africa! And even though we won’t be in as close contact with you as we have been due to the lack of good internet connections, know that we will be thinking of you always and sending lots of love your way.


  3. Wow, some of your photos (all of them really) are just amazing. What fabulous country down there. I’ve been in the region, but having done the hiking you’ve been doing. Really spectacular.
    Must say I think your Blog is excellent. Have been looking at blogs for Mongolia, but many have too many words and not enough photos. You have a great split of ample writing and great photos. Have fun.


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