Queenstown Gondola

I’m back in Queenstown for a few days and am so excited to explore!

One of the main attractions here is the gondola. The base is just outside of the main downtown area and it takes you to the top of Bob’s Peak. At the top, you can paraglide, go luge riding (not sure what you actually call it!) or bungi jump. There is even a zip line course and numerous mountain biking trails on the hillside.
The gondola is $35 roundtrip, so I decided to walk. Of course, right? 🙂

 There’s a trail that starts at the base and leads you right to where people get off. It winds you through the mountain biking trails as well – often you need to stop to let the bikers through. It was definitely an “extreme” trail but these people were going so fast! 

Definitely a place for thrill seekers.

The zip line course is also situated throughout so every so often you can hear screaming people. I’m guessing you step off the below steps:

The views from the top are incredible and it only took about an hour to hike up. The sun doesn’t set until past 9:30 here – these pictures were taken around 7:45pm!

The mountain range that’s a backdrop to Queenstown is called The Remarkables, which are a popular destination in the winter. 

You could see all of Queenstown – what a location!

The lake is also huge – it’s an odd shape so you can’t get it all in one picture. I think it might be NZ’s longest lake.

Here are people on the luge – it’s a pretty short ride but looked fun!

I’d be curious to know if a lot of the citizens of Queenstown were against putting the gondola in or not. You can definitely see it on the hillside, but I feel like it’s also become iconic with QT. Definitely offers more tourism for the city.

That’s it for now!


4 thoughts on “Queenstown Gondola

  1. What a great hike!! The views from the top are just amazing. I love the photo of you in the big chair. Did you go on the hike with someone from the hostel or did you just meet someone on the trail to take your picture? How nice that it is staying light so late. Today was our shortest day of the year. Enjoy the rest of your exploring in Queenstown.


  2. How appropriate to end your stay in New Zealand in Queenstown. You’ve seen some beautiful places but Queenstown sounds like it might be your favorite.
    What a stunning location with the lake and the mountains. I can see why it’s one of the world’s great locations for outdoor recreation. Mom and I will definitely have to get over there!
    It’s hard to believe you’ve been in New Zealand for almost 2 months. You’ve seen and experienced things that you will remember for the rest of your life. What a great adventure. I’m sure it has expanded your vision of what is possible in this one cherished life we have been given.
    And now for the next great adventure. AFRICA. Unlike anything you or I have experienced in the Western world. This most certainly will be an adventure of the first magnitude. One of the last truly wild and untamed places on earth. A physical environment unlike anything you have ever seen and cultural and societal norms unlike anything you have ever experienced. Sounds like an unbelievable experience. I wish I was going with you!
    Can’t wait to see all your pictures although I don’t know when that will be because I’m sure internet connections will be few and far between.
    Looking forward to skyping with you tomorrow.
    Lots of love!


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