Exploring Te Anau

I’ve spent the past few nights in Te Anau, a small town SW of Queenstown and the entrance to Fiordland National Park. I didn’t have very good wifi and didn’t take a ton of pictures but wanted to share what I had!
The Kepler Track, which is one of the “Great Walks” of NZ starts and ends in Te Anau. It’s a huge loop (~67km), so you can start/end either way you want. The nice thing about it being a loop is that I was able to walk in both directions.

In the Fiordland, it rains about 200 days/year, so everything is very green and covered in moss. While tourists (like me!) often complain about the rain, the nature down there needs it to survive. It was actually raining when I arrived, but was greeted by a rainbow!

Like most every NZ town, it’s on a lake and surrounded by mountains. The lake looks small, but this is just one tiny inlet.

Cute town and now I’m back to the craziness of Queenstown until my flight next week!


2 thoughts on “Exploring Te Anau

  1. So glad you got to go on that hike. It looks so pretty!! I love how the trail winds through the forest. And how special to see a rainbow over the lake. Enjoy your stay in Queenstown. Love you!


  2. More great pictures.
    Wow, you’ve seen almost all of New Zealand now! What an experience you will remember forever.
    Enjoy your last days in Queenstown before you head off into the great unknown…
    Mom and I are definitely going to make it to New Zealand one of these days. It’s been at the top of Mom’s list for a long time.


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