In Love With Queenstown 

Queenstown has stolen my heart! I only arrived last night but absolutely love it! I know I say that about every town I visit, but they’re all so amazing in different ways.
Queenstown is definitely the biggest town I’ve been in quite some time and it’s actually refreshing! Smaller towns are great but there’s only so much you can do on a rainy day.
They definitely cater way more to tourists here – dubbed “the adventure capital,” it’s full of activities to do. Tourism booking stores line the streets, advertising bungee jumping, boat riding, paragliding, scuba diving, mountain biking, etc. The streets are quaint and cobblestoned and there are numerous pedestrian walkways. The town area isn’t all that big, but I discovered a lot of little alleyways, making it feel much bigger than it is.

Like many NZ towns, the location is amazing – it’s right on a lake yet is surrounded by mountains. Definetly helps its appeal that it caters to adventure seekers year round!

Fancy hotels and holiday houses are also abundant, which I hadn’t seen in many towns here. They sure are gorgeous!

I walked up Queenstown Hill this morning, and while it was cloudy, I still got some great views.

And to cap off a great day, I saw a rainbow!

I took so many pictures today but definitely wanted to share a handful!

Being in the adventure capital, I have a fun day planned tomorrow – stay tuned!



4 thoughts on “In Love With Queenstown 

  1. What a beautiful setting for a town. Not only do you have the lake, but also the pretty mountains. I love pedestrian walkways in towns. It makes walking around so much more enjoyable. It looks like a cute town. Enjoy your adventures there!


  2. Yes, looks like another really cool town. I’ll bet it’s a magnet for young adventure seekers from all over the world. Sounds like a lot of fun. So glad you’re able to see all these great places.
    Great picture of you!
    Looks like really rugged country. Can’t wait to hear how your adventure went today!


  3. Loving your Blog and your wonderful photos. Now you’re in Queenstown I think it’s getting near the end of your New Zealand sojourn. I think you’ve had a great time and I hope perhaps you’ll come back some day. I hope your parents will come out too.


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