Views of Mt. Cook

The storm rolled through yesterday and today was gorgeous!
I went on the infamous walk here through Hooker Valley, to see Mt. Cook. The weather literally could not have been better as there wasn’t a cloud in the sky obstructing the view.

It was the first really clear day where I was able to see all of Mt. Cook. It is absolutely stunning!

There are three different swing bridges to cross, all slightly different from one another. These go over Hooker River, which is a glacial stream and it’s moving pretty fast for summer!

The views were just gorgeous the entire time of both Mt. Cook and Mt. Sefton. Quite a mountain range. 

The trail is a fairly easy walk, taking a little over an hour to get to the end, which is at the glacier lake from Mt. Cook.

Every so often you hear a big “swoosh” sound coming from Mt. Sefton. Everyone on the trail turns around and today I actually saw a chunk of snow tumbling down the mountain. Pretty crazy!

What a gorgeous place to spend a few days!


4 thoughts on “Views of Mt. Cook

  1. OMG!!!! What absolutely incredible views you had today!!
    What a gorgeous hike. I’m so glad the weather cooperated. Do mountain climbers attempt to get to the top of Mt. Cook? Those bridges looked fun to cross.


  2. What a magnificent mountain!
    Now I can see why Sir Edmund Hillary used this mountain as a practice run for his legendary assault of Mt. Everest.
    Truly stunning. You are so fortunate to see all these incredible sights on this beautiful planet.
    Those bridges look really cool and must have been a little tricky. That water looks like it’s flowing pretty fast down that mountainside.
    Glad the weather cooperated. Great pictures!


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