Historical Homes of Nelson 

Happy thanksgiving to everyone! 🙂
I’m now in Nelson, which is in the NW part of the South Island. It’s really close to Abel Tasman (NZ’s most popular national park), where I’m headed tomorrow.

Yesterday I went and explored the town a bit and I absolutely love it! It’s supposed to rain the next few days so needed to take advantage of the sunny weather.

I did a self guided “historical home” tour, which wound through various neighborhoods in Nelson. Most houses are old Victorian styles, which I love! The homes are historic for NZ standards, built around the 1870’s. They have obviously all been restored from their original state, and a few are open to visitors.

There’s also a little neighborhood with cute cottages, which are from the mid 1800’s. They were built in the early days of the colonization of NZ and have so much charm and character. It seemed like most of them are now B&B’s.

The town itself is adorable, with cobblestone and brick streets, which gorgeous older buildings. The lighting wasn’t great so I didn’t get too many pics of the town.

Lots of beautiful churches around town as well!

In the afternoon I went on a short hike to the “centre of New Zealand.” Although it’s not quite the center, it’s claimed to be! You get a nice view of Nelson – a pretty big town for NZ standards.

Off to the national park tomorrow, so lookout for that post!


3 thoughts on “Historical Homes of Nelson 

  1. Surprised to see such a strong Victorian influence in the architecture. What beautiful restoration they have done.
    Looks like a pretty good size town. Have fun in the national park! Love ya!


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