Picture perfect Picton 

What I love about traveling is how we all have our own idea of what we like and don’t like in certain towns or places. One person’s favorite place could be hated by someone else. It’s so easy to go off reccomendations of people, but do your research and go where you want!
Numerous people told me that you don’t need to spend any time in Picton – it’s simply where the ferry drops you off/picks you up, but then you should be on your way.

I ended up booking two nights here and am so glad I did, and that I didn’t listen! 🙂

While it’s a small town, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous and there’s so much to do outdoors – hiking, kayaking, renting boats, sailing, etc.

Yesterday I went on a gorgeous hike with an amazing view looking down on the town, while today I went on a hike out towards the Queen Charlotte Sound.

It was called Snout Trail and leads you to the end of a peninsula with incredible views. Below is the pic from yesterday’s hike – today I walked out to the end of the peninsula that’s just about in the middle of the picture.

For the first part of the hike, the trail lined the coast. The color of the water is incredible and it’s pretty calm in the sound/harbor. 

The trail then brings you inland and on top of the peninsula. It was a pretty warm day (finally!) but a fair amount of the trail was shaded. Quite a change in landscape throughout the hike.

The views the entire time were just amazing. I can’t believe how gorgeous it is and is much more incredible in person! 

With it being Spring, not only is everything really green but flowers are blooming everywhere too!

The trail leads you to the very end of the “snout” with great views looking into Queen Charlotte Sound.

On the way back I stopped at Bob’s Bay, which is a little beach on the peninsula. Since it was hot, I jumped in the water, but only lasted a few minutes. It was chilly!

Not sure mileage wise how long it was, but took me about 4 hours round trip, plus a lunch stop and lots of pictures!

Overall a gorgeous hike and I’m so happy I stayed in Picton!


4 thoughts on “Picture perfect Picton 

  1. Well, I always told you when traveling that you have to filter everything everyone says. If Mom and I had taken much of the ‘advice ‘we received from fellow travelers we would have missed some of our most memorable moments. Everyone’s taste and preferences are so different. Hard to believe people did not think Picton was worth a day or two of your time. It looks gorgeous. And your pictures, as usual, are beautiful. What a beautiful hike.
    I’ll bet it feels really good to finally be on the South Island. The weather looks fantastic. The sky seems sooo blue.


  2. What a gorgeous hike!!! It seems to be a beautiful time of year there with all the greenery and pretty flowers. It looks like a neat trail to be hiking on. So glad you checked it out for yourself. Have fun on your kayaking trip. Love you!


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