Safe in Wellington 

I’m sure most people saw the news that NZ was hit with a big earthquake last night – I heard it’s been upgraded to a 7.8!

Its epicenter was on the northeast side of South Island, north of Christchurch. Being such a huge quake though, there were more than 100 aftershocks and was definitely felt in Wellington.

 We woke up around midnight to the whole building swaying and shaking. I’ve never felt an earthquake (the irony of growing up in CA but feeling my first one halfway across the world), and at first we weren’t positive what it was. Everyone at the hostel evacuated though and thankfully no one was injured.

All transportation and ferries are closed today, but thankfully I was already planing to be here for a few days. On Thursday I was/am supposed to head to the South Island, to a little town called Kaikoura- on the northeast coast. The town was hit pretty hard though and I’m not sure with the road conditions if I’ll be able to get there. I would love to go and volunteer, but plans may need to change!

On the positive side, yesterday was a perfect day in Wellington. It was supposed to rain today through Thursday, so thankfully I did most of my outside sight seeing yesterday.

I walked to the top of Mt. Victoria, a hill that borders the harbor of Wellington. The views of the city, skyline and harbor are pretty incredible!

There is a great path that follows the water and you can walk /run/bike pretty far in either direction. It was fun to experience it on a Sunday with so many people out. 

The city is an interesting mix of historical architecture and newer buildings, depending on the district you’re in.

To end the day, I went up to the Botanical Gardens to get another viewpoint of the city.

The iconic cable car heads up here, and it was neat to see! So similar to San Francisco.

I will keep everyone updated on my plans, but know I’m safe!


4 thoughts on “Safe in Wellington 

  1. Thank God you are safe. Mom and I woke up this morning and got a text from Kristin telling us about the earthquake. Imagine our shock, a 7.8 in Wellington and we knew it was your first night there!!
    Sounds like Wellington took a pretty good hit. Our hearts go out to the people of Christchurch who just took a major hit from that tragic trembler a few years ago. They were probably just recovering from that last quake.
    You’ll have to assess the situation carefully before you head down to the South island. Yes, it would be great if you could somehow do some volunteer work down there.
    Well, we always said you have to be flexible when you travel and roll with the punches but we never anticipated a situation like this.
    We’re so glad you’re safe. Glad the Internet is back up so we can be in touch.
    P.S.- the pictures of Wellington are fantastic. What a great location for a city. It does remind me of SF. Looks like a very liveable, outdoor city.


  2. So glad you are safe, sweetie!! We were happy your Internet came back on pretty quickly. We couldn’t wait to hear from you. Wellington looks like a beautiful city. The hillsides are so green this time of year. Glad you got a chance to get out and explore while the weather was nice.
    Love you!


  3. Lots of folks have been asking if you’re ok – and glad to hear you are! I so want to visit New Zealand – your pics are great!! Have a great time!


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