Hot Springs and Redwoods in Rotorua 

I’m in a little town called Rotorua, which is known for their natural hot springs (on a much smaller scale they have been compared to Yellowstone). 
Due to this, the whole area smells like sulphur, but it’s actually really neat! They have a park right in town that has natural hot springs and a path that lines the lake (Lake Rotorua), with more hot springs. New Zealand is full of volcanoes, and Lake Rotorua is actually the crater of a volcano!

Yesterday I got out of town and went hiking at Whakarewarewa Forest, just about 3 miles from Rotorua.

Ironically, this forest is known for their California coastal redwoods! Definitely not on par with the ones in California, but the trees were still pretty huge.

The trail I did was a big loop (~6.5 miles) but there weren’t major view points, etc. The trail itself was really pretty and lush though and changed constantly in scenery. 

Rotorua is supposed to be world renowned for mountain biking, and this park was filled with trails.

Rather than having to constantly follow a map, they color code their trails, so you just follow the color arrow – genius! 🙂

Look how massive this leaf was!

Planning more of my trip today and then off to Taupo in the morning.


4 thoughts on “Hot Springs and Redwoods in Rotorua 

  1. What a pretty trail. That’s a great idea for color coding the trails. Makes much more sense. The steam from the hot springs looks amazing. Boy, you are really getting around. Glad you are taking advantage of all the great hiking. Have a great time in Taupo. Love you!!


  2. Looks like a gorgeous area.
    I looked on a map and that lake looks huge-bigger than Lake Tahoe!
    Have fun visiting Vivienne, we’ll talk to you soon.


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