Arrived in Auckland

I’m onto my next destination and have arrived in New Zealand. I’m spending a few days in Auckland on the north island before adventuring elsewhere. I met a couple on my trip to Central America who live here so I’m staying with them – and running a half marathon! (Post on that after :))
I arrived on Friday and walked around exploring the city. It’s much smaller than I thought (at least the main downtown area). I guess I’m so used to massive US cities – in NZ’s eyes, Auckland is huge!

As I walked around though, I discovered a ton of alleyways filled with shops and restaurants, so they definitely use the space well. 

It’s right on the harbor, so the skyline is gorgeous with all the boats. It’s also pretty hilly which I wasn’t expecting!

Still had a European feel, similar to Australia – you can see it in some of the buildings.

We get incredible views of the city on the race course, so I will hopefully have more pictures later, this is just a quick snapshot of Auckland!


2 thoughts on “Arrived in Auckland

  1. It looks like a beautiful city. I love the narrow side streets with all the restaurants and shops. And how nice to also have all the water views. Have fun on your run tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Love you.


  2. More great pictures. I can’t believe the excellent quality pictures you get from your iPhone!
    Auckland looks fantastic. I was just reading up on Auckland and it was voted to have the 3rd best quality of life of any city in the world!
    What a location on that isthmus surrounded by water. Also, just as an interesting bit of trivia, the Sky Tower that you have in one of your pictures is the tallest free standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere at 1,076 ft.!
    Looks like a very liveable city that is geared toward outdoor recreation. I think Mom and I would really love Auckland. It’s definitely on our bucket list of places to visit.
    Enjoy your stay with your friends from Central America and good luck in your half marathon tomorrow. We’ll be thinking about you.


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