Welcome to Melbourne!

I’ve actually been in Melbourne for quite a few days now, but haven’t introduced you to the city yet! It’s a brief overview but hopefully you will get a feel for the city!

Before coming here I didn’t know much about the city, but knew a ton of people in their 20’s move here to try to work for a year on a work visa. After visiting, I can totally see why and can imagine myself living here.

It’s extremely easy to get around; a very walkable city and then have a free team which goes all over the CBD – Central Business District.

The location is also great – the city is right on the Yarra River and also just minutes from Port Phillips Bay. They also have a ton of green space, including St. Alberts Park and the Botanical Gardens.

The river is just south of the main business area, and there’s an awesome promenade along it, filled with shops and restaurants.

I went walking around the lake at St. Alberts park, which is right near the city center as well. The park was gorgeous and got incredible views of the skyline! It’s much more metropolitan than I imagined.

Melbourne is also known for its street art – similar to graffiti, but most “pieces” are meant to be done artistically, not just to “tag” a building. There are alley ways filled with the art around they have guided tour specific to where you can find them!

Similar to Sydney, the city definetly has a European feel from the architecture and shopping areas.

I’m off to explore one more day, then headed to New Zealand!


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Melbourne!

  1. Gorgeous looking city. It does look quite European! Dad and I love promenades where you have water on one side and shopping or restaurants on the other. I love all the art work, too. I see the Aussies don’t like Trump either. Glad you had nice weather. Enjoy exploring tomorrow and then new adventures await you in New Zealand. I can’t wait to read all about it.


  2. Kimmy-bah! We are so jealous! Your pics are intriguing and makes us want to visit. Even though Sonoma County needs it, we have been deluged with rain. Soon it will be that beautiful “God’s Country” green. Keep the posts coming. Uncle Hokey and I love you !


  3. Kimmy – what beautiful pictures! I really like Melbourne; it reminds me of Chicago’s lake front (without the palm trees!). Glad you’re having a wonderful time. Keep the posts coming! Love, Aunt Mary Beth


  4. Great pictures! I’ve heard nothing but good things about Melbourne from everyone I know who has been there.
    Now I pose the big question to you — Melbourne or Sydney?
    If you were going to live in one of these two beautiful cities, which one would it be and why?
    Love ya!


    • Oooh that’s a tough one! I really loved both cities; both have gorgeous architecture, great locations and are filled with history. I was able to see more of Sydney’s neighborhoods – filled with tree lined streets and coffee shops. The weather was also better in Sydney and I loved all their parks. So probably Sydney, but definitely close!


  5. We are loving hearing all about your adventures and admiring the gorgeous pictures! Can’t wait to hear about New Zealand! Love you, Aunt Patty and Uncle Steve


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