Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

Whew – try saying that title 5 times fast. 🙂

I arrived in Melbourne Friday night, after a long day train from Sydney. The country side was gorgeous and reminded me a lot of home. It’s spring here, so everything is super green!

When asking people recommendations on what to do in Melbourne, most have suggested heading to see the Brighton bathing boxes, which are south of Melbourne, on the beach (in the town of Brighton – who would have thought! :))

The bathing boxes were originally built over a century ago, in 1861. At the time, bathing during daylight hours was prohibited, as was bathing women and men together. The bathing boxes were built off shore and only accessible via a bridge, as a way for women to enter the water.

Most people take the train one way, and walk the other. I decided to walk both though; each way was about 4 miles.

I started in a town called St. Kilda, which is a popular backpacker spot a few miles south of the city. There I got the Bay Trail, which is for walkers, cyclists, etc., and leads you right to the bathing boxes.

The walk was super pretty and I’m so glad I did it both ways to get different views. It’s been chilly here (was 55 today but windy), so despite it being a Sunday, there weren’t many people at the beach. Brrrr!

 The bathing boxes were really neat! There’s 82 of them; there used to be more but some were destroyed in a massive storm years back. They were relocated in 1934 to their current location.

They are all the same size, but painted all different colors and designs – stripes, images, plain, etc. You can still see the doors on all of them and a few steps leading up to the front. All of them are just lined up in a row on the beach, in numerical order. I’m not sure who paints them, but I’d be curious to know how often they switch up the design.

The bathing boxes are owned by individual people – not the city – so you can actually buy them. They rarely go on sale, as you can imagine, but when they do – they’re expensive!

It was a nice little day trip to see them, and on the way back, I got incredible views of the skyline!

More on Melbourne later as I explore the city!


3 thoughts on “Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

  1. Great pictures of the bathing boxes. I’ve never seen anything quite like that on a beach. Hard to believe that at one time bathing during the day and bathing between men and women was not allowed. Although we certainly had some restrictive laws in this country as well!
    That’s a great picture of you and the Melbourne skyline looks magnificent. That was a full day of walking!
    What is your initial impression of Melbourne? Do you like it as much as Sydney?


  2. Wow! What cute little bathing houses. I love how they are all so different. I’ll bet you’re glad you took the time to see them. Have fun exploring Melbourne.


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of the bathing boxes. They look like they should be on a post card- so cool. It sure looks like you are having fun!


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