Sights of Sydney 

Opera House and Harbour Bridge – two words pretty synonymous with Sydney. After seeing both in person, it’s definitely understandable why!

The Opera House is beautiful from any angle, but I was surprised to see how extremely intricate and detailed it is up close. The sails are made from individual ceramic tiles, all double pained to hold up in any weather. If you want to see the actual theater you need to do a tour, which I didn’t do, but the lobby area sure looked nice. 🙂

 Near the Opera House, there is a nice walking/running path that lines the harbor and the Royal Botanical Gardens (which are a must-see also). This was my favorite spot to soak in the skyline.
We also walked across the bridge, which gives you another angle of Sydney and the Opera House (pretty much anywhere you are in the city, you’re bound to get nice views!) There’s a guardrail up (understandable), so the views are a bit obstructed, but still pretty, nonetheless.  You can do a tour where you literally walk on the very top of the bridge – you’re completely strapped in, but the views we got were just perfect!

Aside from these  landmarks, I honestly hadn’t done much research on the city before I got here and didn’t really know what to expect.

While the above definitely did not disappoint, I fell in love with the architecture and design around Sydney.

I was really surprised to see how much European influence there is around the city – not just in the buildings, but they have huge plazas filled with statues and fountains. There are a ton of parks and green space too!I love architecture, design and everything brick, so it was fun exploring! From the downtown buildings to the old neighborhood houses with tree lined streets, Sydney is beautiful and everything I love.

The main business center is mostly new buildings and skyscrapers, but I came across a few buildings that were the perfect contrast between new and old.And just because I thought it was cool – the below was spotted at a local wine shop! You’re really never too far from home. 🙂

 Albeit a short trip, Sydney has been a perfect first stop on my mini world tour and can’t wait to explore more of Australia.


2 thoughts on “Sights of Sydney 

  1. Great pictures of Sydney. Yes, I agree with you about the diversity of the architecture. I pictured Sydney as a city with very modern new architecture and was surprised by the number of beautiful older buildings reflecting their English heritage. The church was just gorgeous. And I can’t believe there is a Petaluma, Australia
    that even has grapes in it’s logo. Serendipity. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Sydney and having a good time. LOL.


  2. I echo your dads comments. Such diversity in architecture. The brick buildings were beautiful. The sky looks amazing in all your pics. The weather must be perfect.


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