First day in Sydney

My first day in Sydney is over which means this trip is actually happening! I’ve been planning for awhile and can’t believe it’s finally here.

I’ve only been here one day, but Sydney is gorgeous. I can tell there’s already so much to explore over the next few days – the buildings are gorgeous, tons of parks and it’s right on the water.

Even though I was exhausted from a 15 hour flight and barely slept, I knew I had to get onto the local time. Luckily I arrived at 8am so I had the whole day to explore!

I met up with a friend who is also traveling around and we knew we wanted to check out Manly which is just a short ferry ride from Sydney. It’s a town right on both the bay and ocean (so you can see both the sunrise and set over the water) and we had heard great things. It was about 75 degrees, so we picked a perfect day!

Being a Sunday, it was crowded, but we got amazing views of the Sydney skyline, Opera House and the Harbor bridge.

On Manly there’s a coastal trail that you can take all the way back to Sydney, but we just walked part of it. There were so many people running, walking dogs, families out for a Sunday stroll.

It’s a neat trail – it’s winds through neighborhoods and it’s all along the beach. Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with real estate, so I was in heaven looking at all the beautiful houses! 

The town of Manly was quaint, but bigger than expected, with a ton of restaurants, local coffee shops and boutiques on tree line streets. My ideal town! 

We had some amazing seafood for dinner, which I’m looking forward to having lots of here.

It was a perfect first day here and a great way to get acclimated on the time zone (despite the fact I’m writing this at 5 am :)).
Can’t wait to explore more of Sydney!


2 thoughts on “First day in Sydney

  1. Kimmy! I just got back from buying a house in Arizona and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to read your blog. So happy you made it over there safe and sound. Your pics look amazing! Keep sending them. Love you!!


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